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Identification in the CHWMEG member list does not imply endorsement by the member

The following is a list of all CHWMEG Members and their additionally participating affiliates (subsidiaries and eligible JVs).
For members requesting to remain anonymous, their industry sector representation has been provided.

Membership as of: Friday, July 19, 2019

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CHWMEG, Inc. Member Companies
(includes 292 member enterprises with 542 affiliate companies)
Name Withheld indicates member wanted to remain anonymous

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1) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Multinational Diverse Manufacturer

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2) Member: AAIPharma Services Corp./Cambridge Major Laboratories

3) Member: AB Volvo
• Affiliate: Mack Trucks, Inc.
• Affiliate: Volvo Trucks North America

4) Member: Abbott
• Affiliate: Abbott Bioresearch Center, Inc.
• Affiliate: Abbott Diabetes Care Sales Corporation
• Affiliate: Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.
• Affiliate: Abbott Equity Investments LLC
• Affiliate: Abbott Exchange, Inc.
• Affiliate: Abbott Healthcare Products, Inc.
• Affiliate: Abbott International LLC
• Affiliate: Abbott Laboratories International Co.
• Affiliate: Abbott Laboratories, Inc.
• Affiliate: Abbott Molecular Inc.
• Affiliate: Abbott Pharmaceutical Corporation
• Affiliate: Abbott Point of Care Inc.
• Affiliate: Abbott Spine Inc.
• Affiliate: Abbott Vascular Inc.
• Affiliate: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
• Affiliate: Aeropharm Technology, LLC
• Affiliate: Guidant Endovascular Solutions, Inc.
• Affiliate: IEP Pharmaceutical Devices, LLC
• Affiliate: Knoll Pharmaceutical Company
• Affiliate: Kos Life Sciences, Inc.
• Affiliate: Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
• Affiliate: Natural Supplement Association, Incorporated
• Affiliate: ZonePerfect Nutrition Company

5) Member: AbbVie Inc.

6) Member: Acushnet Company

7) Member: ADT LLC

8) Member: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

9) Member: AdvanSix Resins & Chemicals LLC

10) Member: Afton Chemical Corporation

11) Member: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

12) Member: Air Liquide Advanced Materials, Inc.

13) Member: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

14) Member: Albemarle Corporation
• Affiliate: Albemarle U.S., Inc.

15) Member: Alcoa Corp.
• Affiliate: Alcoa Aluminio S.A.
• Affiliate: Alcoa Canada Co.
• Affiliate: Alcoa of Australia Ltd.
• Affiliate: Alcoa USA Corp.
• Affiliate: Aluminio Espanol S.L.U.

16) Member: Allergan Public Limited Company
• Affiliate: Actavis LLC
• Affiliate: Allergan, Inc.

17) Member: Alliant Energy Corporation

18) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Automobile Parts Manufacturer

19) Member: Altria Client Services LLC

20) Member: American Airlines Group, Inc.
• Affiliate: American Airlines Inc.
• Affiliate: American Eagle Airlines
• Affiliate: US Airways

21) Member: American Synthetic Rubber Company

22) Member: American Vanguard Corporation
• Affiliate: AMVAC Chemical Corporation

23) Member: Amgen Inc.
• Affiliate: Amgen Manufacturing Limited
• Affiliate: Immunex Rhode Island Corporation

24) Member: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

25) Member: AOC LLC

26) Member: Name Withheld - Fortune® Global 500 Technology Company

27) Member: Name Withheld - Applied Materials
• Affiliates: This member has 1 affiliate that is also anonymous.

28) Member: Arkema Inc.

29) Member: Ashland LLC

30) Member: AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP
• Affiliate: Ardea Biosciences, Inc.
• Affiliate: AstraZeneca Limited Partnership

31) Member: AT&T Services, Inc.

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32) Member: B. Braun Medical Industries Sdn. Bhd.

33) Member: BAE Systems, Inc.
• Affiliate: Armor Holdings, Inc.
• Affiliate: BAE Network Solutions
• Affiliate: BAE Systems Controls Inc.
• Affiliate: BAE Systems Inc.
• Affiliate: BAE Systems Information and Electronics Integration, Inc.
• Affiliate: BAE Systems Land & Armaments Inc.
• Affiliate: BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair
• Affiliate: BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Inc.

34) Member: BASF Corporation

35) Member: Baxalta US Inc.

36) Member: Baxter International, Inc.
• Affiliate: Baxter Healthcare Corporation

37) Member: Bayer Corporation
• Affiliate: Bayer CropScience LP
• Affiliate: Bayer HealthCare LLC
• Affiliate: Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation

38) Member: Becton Dickinson and Company

39) Member: Name Withheld - Benjamin Moore & Co.

40) Member: BHP Billiton Petroleum (North America) Inc.

41) Member: Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Center GmbH
• Affiliate: Boehringer Ingelheim - BIDACHEM S.p.A
• Affiliate: Boehringer Ingelheim Espana S.A.
• Affiliate: Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont, Inc.
• Affiliate: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
• Affiliate: Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG
• Affiliate: Boehringer Ingelheim USA, Inc.
• Affiliate: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
• Affiliate: Merial Barceloneta, LLC
• Affiliate: Merial Limited, Inc.
• Affiliate: Merial, Inc.
• Affiliate: Newport Laboratories, Inc.

42) Member: The Boeing Company
• Affiliate: Boeing - Australia
• Affiliate: Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc.

43) Member: BP America
• Affiliate: ARCO Environmental Remediation, L.L.C.
• Affiliate: Atlantic Richfield Company
• Affiliate: BP America Production Company
• Affiliate: BP Amoco Chemical Company
• Affiliate: BP Company North America Inc.
• Affiliate: BP Corporation North America Inc.
• Affiliate: BP Exploration & Production Inc.
• Affiliate: BP Pipelines (North America) Inc.
• Affiliate: BP Products North America Inc.
• Affiliate: BP West Coast Products LLC
• Affiliate: Standard Oil Company, Inc.

44) Member: Brewer Science Inc.

45) Member: Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

46) Member: Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

47) Member: Broadcom Inc.
• Affiliate: Avago Technologies Wireless (USA) Manufacturing, LLC

48) Member: Buckeye Partners, L.P.
• Affiliate: Buckeye Pipe Line Co., LP

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49) Member: California Resources Corporation

50) Member: Call2Recycle, Inc.

51) Member: Calpine Corporation
• Affiliate: Calpine Operating Services Company, Inc.

52) Member: Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.
• Affiliate: Calumet Lubricants Co., LP
• Affiliate: Calumet Missouri, LLC
• Affiliate: Calumet Montana Refining, LLC
• Affiliate: Calumet Penreco, LLC
• Affiliate: Calumet Shreveport Lubricants & Waxes, LLC

53) Member: Name Withheld - Leading Health, Specialty & Fine Chemicals, Biosciences, Animal Health and Agriculture Company
• Affiliates: This member has 6 affiliates that are also anonymous.

54) Member: Cameron LNG LLC

55) Member: Cardinal Health, Inc.

56) Member: Carestream Health, Inc.

57) Member: Name Withheld - Global Food, Agriculture, Financial, and Industrial Products & Services Provider
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

58) Member: Carpenter Technology Corporation

59) Member: CBS Corporation

60) Member: Celgene Corporation

61) Member: CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

62) Member: Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation

63) Member: CF Industries, Inc.
• Affiliate: Canadian Fertilizer Limited
• Affiliate: CF Fertilisers UK Limited
• Affiliate: CF Industries Nitrogen, LLC
• Affiliate: CF Industries Sales, LLC
• Affiliate: Terra International (Canada) Inc.
• Affiliate: Terra International (Oklahoma) Inc.
• Affiliate: Terra Nitrogen, Limited Partnership

64) Member: The Chemours Company

65) Member: Chemtrade Logistics, Inc.

66) Member: Chemtura Corporation
• Affiliate: Baxenden Chemicals Limited
• Affiliate: Chemtura Canada Co., Cie
• Affiliate: Chemtura Chemicals (Nanjing) Co. Ltd
• Affiliate: Chemtura Corporation Mexico S. de RL de CV
• Affiliate: Chemtura Industria Quimica d. Brasil Ltda
• Affiliate: Chemtura Italy Srl
• Affiliate: Chemtura Manufacturing Italy Srl
• Affiliate: Chemtura Manufacturing UK Limited
• Affiliate: Chemtura Organometallics Gmbh
• Affiliate: Daystar Materials LLC
• Affiliate: GLCC Laurel de Mexico SA de CV
• Affiliate: Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
• Affiliate: Uniroyal Chemical Taiwan Ltd

67) Member: Chevron Corporation
• Affiliate: Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited
• Affiliate: Chevron Argentina S.R.L.
• Affiliate: Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
• Affiliate: Chevron Bangladesh Blocks Thirteen & Fourteen, Ltd.
• Affiliate: Chevron Belgium BVBA
• Affiliate: Chevron Canada Limited
• Affiliate: Chevron Environmental Management Company
• Affiliate: Chevron Global Downstream LLC
• Affiliate: Chevron Global Technology Services Company
• Affiliate: Chevron Japan Ltd.
• Affiliate: Chevron Munaigas Inc.
• Affiliate: Chevron Nigeria Limited
• Affiliate: Chevron North Sea Limited
• Affiliate: Chevron Oronite Brasil Ltda.
• Affiliate: Chevron Oronite Company LLC
• Affiliate: Chevron Oronite Pte. Ltd.
• Affiliate: Chevron Oronite SAS
• Affiliate: Chevron Oronite Technology B.V.
• Affiliate: Chevron Petroleum Company
• Affiliate: Chevron Philippines Inc.
• Affiliate: Chevron Pipe Line Company
• Affiliate: Chevron Shipping Company LLC
• Affiliate: Chevron Singapore Pte. Ltd.
• Affiliate: Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
• Affiliate: PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia
• Affiliate: Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc.

68) Member: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP

69) Member: CITGO Petroleum Corporation

70) Member: Clearwater Paper Corporation

71) Member: Cloud Peak Energy Resources LLC

72) Member: CNA Holdings, Inc.
• Affiliate: Celanese Acetate LLC
• Affiliate: Celanese Chemicals, Inc.
• Affiliate: Celanese, Ltd.
• Affiliate: Ticona Polymers, Inc.

73) Member: Colonial Pipeline Company

74) Member: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

75) Member: Commercial Metals Company

76) Member: Communications & Power Industries, Inc.

77) Member: ConocoPhillips

78) Member: Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

79) Member: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

80) Member: Cornerstone Chemical Company

81) Member: Corning Incorporated

82) Member: Name Withheld - Corteva Agriscience

83) Member: Covestro LLC

84) Member: CVR Energy, Inc.
• Affiliate: Coffeyville Resources, LLC
• Affiliate: CVR Partners, LP
• Affiliate: CVR Refining, LP

85) Member: CVS Health Corporation

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86) Member: Deere & Company
• Affiliate: John Deere Special Technologies Phoenix International Corp.
• Affiliate: Maschinenfabrik Kemper GmbH & Co. KG
• Affiliate: Regen Technologies

87) Member: Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.

88) Member: The Dow Chemical Company

89) Member: DSM Holding Company USA, Inc.
• Affiliate: DSM Chemicals North America
• Affiliate: DSM Desotech
• Affiliate: DSM Dyneema LLC
• Affiliate: DSM Engineering Plastics, Inc.
• Affiliate: DSM NeoResins, Inc.
• Affiliate: DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.
• Affiliate: DSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
• Affiliate: DSM Resins, U.S., Inc.
• Affiliate: Georgia Monomers Company

90) Member: DTE Energy Company
• Affiliate: DTE Energy Corporate Services, LLC
• Affiliate: DTE Energy Resources, LLC

91) Member: Duke Energy Corporation

92) Member: Name Withheld - Fortune® 100 Chemical Manufacturer

93) Member: The Duracell Company

94) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Commercial Real Estate Developer
• Affiliates: This member has 1 affiliate that is also anonymous.

95) Member: Dynegy, Inc.
• Affiliate: Dynegy Generation
• Affiliate: Dynegy Midwest Generation, Inc.
• Affiliate: Dynegy Northeast Generation, Inc.

E - Go back to the Top

96) Member: E&J Gallo Winery

97) Member: Eastman Chemical Company

98) Member: Ecolab Inc.
• Affiliate: NALCO Oesterreich Ges.M.B.H.
• Affiliate: Nalco Water India Limited

99) Member: Eisai, Inc.

100) Member: Eli Lilly & Company
• Affiliate: Elanco US Inc.
• Affiliate: Imclone Systems Corporation
• Affiliate: Lilly del Caribe, Inc.

101) Member: EMSL Analytical, Inc.

102) Member: Enbridge Inc.

103) Member: Energizer Holdings, Inc.
• Affiliate: Energizer Brands LLC

104) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Fortune® 500 Oil & Gas Transportation and Storage Company
• Affiliates: This member has 1 affiliate that is also anonymous.

105) Member: Entergy Corporation
• Affiliate: Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
• Affiliate: Entergy Gulf States, Inc.
• Affiliate: Entergy Louisiana, Inc.
• Affiliate: Entergy Mississippi, Inc.
• Affiliate: Entergy New Orleans, Inc.
• Affiliate: Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc.
• Affiliate: Entergy Operations, Inc.
• Affiliate: Entergy Services, Inc.

106) Member: Name Withheld - Fortune® 500 Cosmetics Manufacturer

107) Member: Evonik Corporation

108) Member: Exelon Corporation
• Affiliate: Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
• Affiliate: BGE Home Products and Services Inc.
• Affiliate: Commonwealth Edison Company
• Affiliate: Exelon Generation Company
• Affiliate: PECO Energy Company
• Affiliate: Pepco Holdings, Inc.

109) Member: ExxonMobil Corporation
• Affiliate: Esso Belgium, division of ExxonMobil Petroleum and Chemical, BVBA
• Affiliate: ExxonMobil Environmental Services Company
• Affiliate: ExxonMobil Pipeline Company
• Affiliate: Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd.
• Affiliate: XTO Energy Canada ULC

F - Go back to the Top

110) Member: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

111) Member: FCA US LLC

112) Member: FLEXcon Company, Inc.

113) Member: Flextronics International Ltd.

114) Member: FM Global Research Campus

115) Member: FMC Corporation
• Affiliate: FMC (China) Investment Company Limited
• Affiliate: FMC (Shanghai) Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

116) Member: Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.
• Affiliate: John D Brush and Co., Inc. (Sentry Safe)
• Affiliate: Master Lock Company LLC
• Affiliate: MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.
• Affiliate: Moen Inc.
• Affiliate: ThermaTru Corporation

117) Member: Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.
• Affiliate: Climax Molybdenum Company – Climax Mine
• Affiliate: Climax Molybdenum Company – Fort Madison, IA
• Affiliate: Climax Molybdenum Company – Henderson Mine and Mill
• Affiliate: Climax Technology Center
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Bagdad, Inc.
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Chino Mines Company
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Cobre Mining Company
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Copper Products
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Corp. Copper Queen Branch
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Corporation, Ajo Improvement Company
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Corporation, Ajo Operations
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Corporation, United Verde Branch
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Morenci, Inc.
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Safford, Inc.
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Sierrita Inc.
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Specialty Copper Products
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan Tyrone Mining, LLC
• Affiliate: Freeport-McMoRan, Safford Process Technology
• Affiliate: Kinetics
• Affiliate: Phelps Dodge Refining Corporation

118) Member: Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC

119) Member: FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation
• Affiliate: FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.
• Affiliate: FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.A., Inc.
• Affiliate: FUJIFILM Electronic Materials U.S.A.
• Affiliate: FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals U.S.A., Inc.
• Affiliate: FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants, Inc.
• Affiliate: FUJIFILM North America Corporation

G - Go back to the Top

120) Member: Galata Chemicals, LLC

121) Member: Genentech, Inc.

122) Member: General Electric

123) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Research-Based Biopharmaceutical Company
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

124) Member: Givaudan Flavors Corporation

125) Member: Name Withheld - Global 5 Pharmaceutical Company
• Affiliates: This member has 12 affiliates that are also anonymous.

126) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Semiconductor Manufacturer

127) Member: Google, Inc.

128) Member: GrafTech International Ltd.
• Affiliate: GrafTech International Holdings Inc.
• Affiliate: GrafTech Mexico S.A. de C.V.
• Affiliate: GrafTech USA LLC
• Affiliate: Seadrift Coke LP

129) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Medical and Diagnostic Laboratory

130) Member: Grifols Therapeutics Inc.

131) Member: Groendyke Transport, Inc.

H - Go back to the Top

132) Member: Harvard University

133) Member: Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

134) Member: The Heico Companies, LLC

135) Member: Henkel Corporation

136) Member: Hexion Inc.

137) Member: HGST, Inc.

138) Member: HollyFrontier Corporation
• Affiliate: Frontier El Dorado Refining LLC
• Affiliate: Frontier Refining LLC
• Affiliate: Holly Refining & Marketing - Tulsa LLC
• Affiliate: Holly Refining & Marketing Company - Woods Cross LLC
• Affiliate: Holly Transportation LLC
• Affiliate: Navajo Refining Company, L.L.C.
• Affiliate: NK Asphalt Partners

139) Member: Honeywell International
• Affiliate: Honeywell Aerospace UK
• Affiliate: Honeywell Process Solutions

140) Member: HP Inc.

141) Member: Huntington Ingalls Industries – San Diego Shipyard

142) Member: Huntsman International LLC

143) Member: Husky Oil Operations Limited
• Affiliate: Lima Refining Company
• Affiliate: Superior Refining Company, LLC

144) Member: Hydro Extrusion USA, LLC

I - Go back to the Top

145) Member: ICL
• Affiliate: ICL Performance Products LP

146) Member: Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited
• Affiliate: Auriga Polymers
• Affiliate: Indorama Ventures Xylenes & PTA LLC

147) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Multinational Petrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, and Oil Products Manufacturer

148) Member: Infineon Technologies Americas Corp.

149) Member: Infineum USA L.P.

150) Member: Innophos, Inc.

151) Member: Instrumentation Laboratory Company

152) Member: Intel Corporation

153) Member: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

J - Go back to the Top

154) Member: J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc.
• Affiliate: MIC Group, LLC
• Affiliate: Morgan Olson, LLC
• Affiliate: Morgan Truck Body, LLC
• Affiliate: Reading Equipment & Distribution, LLC
• Affiliate: Reading Midwest Distribution, LLC
• Affiliate: Reading Truck Body, LLC
• Affiliate: The Reading Truck Group, LLC
• Affiliate: Truck Accessories Group, LLC

155) Member: Johns Manville

156) Member: Johnson & Johnson
• Affiliate: DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.
• Affiliate: Ethicon, Inc.
• Affiliate: GPSG North America, a Unit of Alza Corp.
• Affiliate: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Cos., Inc.
• Affiliate: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products
• Affiliate: Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C.
• Affiliate: Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision, Inc.
• Affiliate: McNeil Consumer Healthcare
• Affiliate: McNeil PPC, Inc.
• Affiliate: Noramco of DE, Inc.
• Affiliate: Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

K - Go back to the Top

157) Member: Kaiser Permanente

158) Member: Kiewit Corporation
• Affiliate: Buckskin Mining Company
• Affiliate: General Construction Company
• Affiliate: Kiewit Constructors Inc.
• Affiliate: Kiewit Infrastructure Co.
• Affiliate: Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.
• Affiliate: Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.
• Affiliate: Kiewit Power Constructors Co.
• Affiliate: Kiewit Texas Construction LP
• Affiliate: Kiewit Western Co.
• Affiliate: Mass. Electric Construction Co.
• Affiliate: Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co.
• Affiliate: TIC - The Industrial Company

159) Member: Kinder Morgan, Inc.
• Affiliate: Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals, LLC
• Affiliate: Kinder Morgan Canada, Inc.
• Affiliate: Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.
• Affiliate: Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals LLC
• Affiliate: Kinder Morgan Products Pipeline
• Affiliate: Kinder Morgan Terminals (Southeast Region)
• Affiliate: KMGP Services Company, Inc.

160) Member: Koch Industries Inc.
• Affiliate: Flint Hills Resources, L.P.
• Affiliate: Georgia Pacific
• Affiliate: Guardian Industries Holdings, LLC
• Affiliate: INVISTA (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
• Affiliate: INVISTA Management (Shanghai) Company Limited
• Affiliate: INVISTA Resins & Fibers GmbH
• Affiliate: INVISTA Textiles (UK)
• Affiliate: INVISTA Textiles Germany GmbH
• Affiliate: INVISTA, s.a.r.l.
• Affiliate: John Zink International Luxembourg Sarl
• Affiliate: Koch Carbon, Inc.
• Affiliate: Koch Chemical Technology Group
• Affiliate: Koch Companies Services, LLC
• Affiliate: Koch Exploration
• Affiliate: Koch Fertilizer, LLC
• Affiliate: Koch Mineral Services, LLC
• Affiliate: Koch Nitrogen Company
• Affiliate: Koch Pipeline Company, LP
• Affiliate: Koch Remediation & Environmental Services, LLC
• Affiliate: Koch Supply & Trading
• Affiliate: Molex Incorporated
• Affiliate: Molex Interconnect (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

161) Member: KRATON Polymers LLC
• Affiliate: Kraton Chemical LLC
• Affiliate: KRATON Polymers U.S. LLC

162) Member: Kuraray America, Inc.

L - Go back to the Top

163) Member: L’Oreal USA, Inc.

164) Member: Lam Research Corporation
• Affiliate: Silfex, Inc.

165) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Research and Development Company

166) Member: Lenovo (United States) Inc.

167) Member: LGS Innovations, LLC

168) Member: Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC

169) Member: Lion Copolymer Holdings, LLC
• Affiliate: Lion Copolymer Geismar, LLC
• Affiliate: Lion Elastomers, LLC

170) Member: LiquidPower Specialty Products Inc.

171) Member: Lockheed Martin Corporation

172) Member: Confidential Specialty Chemical Manufacturer

173) Member: Name Withheld - Global Petrochemical Company
• Affiliates: This member has 7 affiliates that are also anonymous.

M - Go back to the Top

174) Member: Mallinckrodt LLC

175) Member: Marathon Oil Corporation

176) Member: Marathon Petroleum Corporation
• Affiliate: Blanchard Refining Company LLC
• Affiliate: Catlettsburg Refining LLC
• Affiliate: Cincinnati Renewable Fuels, LLC
• Affiliate: Marathon Petroleum Company
• Affiliate: Marathon Pipe Line LLC
• Affiliate: Speedway LLC

177) Member: Martin Resource Management Corporation

178) Member: Mary Kay Inc.

179) Member: Masco Corporation

180) Member: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

181) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Global Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation Firm

182) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Pipe Manufacturer

183) Member: Medtronic plc
• Affiliate: Covidien LP
• Affiliate: Medtronic Inc.

184) Member: Merck & Co., Inc.
• Affiliate: Merck Frosst Canada & Co.
• Affiliate: Merck, Sharp & Dohme (Ireland) Ltd.

185) Member: Merck KGaA
• Affiliate: Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

186) Member: Micron Technology, Inc.
• Affiliate: IM Flash Technologies, LLC

187) Member: Microsoft Corporation

188) Member: Miller Coors, LLC

189) Member: Milliken & Company

190) Member: Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

191) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Aerospace Products & Parts Manufacturer
• Affiliates: This member has 7 affiliates that are also anonymous.

192) Member: The Mosaic Company
• Affiliate: Mosaic Crop Nutrition, LLC
• Affiliate: Mosaic Fertilizantes do Brasil Ltd.
• Affiliate: Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC
• Affiliate: Mosaic Potash Carlsbad Inc.
• Affiliate: Mosaic Uncle Sam Plant

193) Member: Murphy Oil USA, Inc.

N - Go back to the Top

194) Member: National Grid USA Service Company

195) Member: NBCUniversal Media LLC

196) Member: Nektar Therapeutics

197) Member: News Corporation
• Affiliate: Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
• Affiliate: News Australia Pty Limited

198) Member: NextEra Energy, Inc.
• Affiliate: Florida Power & Light Company

199) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Global Apparel & Equipment Manufacturer

200) Member: Nokia of America Corporation

201) Member: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
• Affiliate: Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Sector
• Affiliate: Northrop Grumman Australia Pty Limited
• Affiliate: Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Sector

202) Member: Novartis AG
• Affiliate: Alcon Inc.
• Affiliate: Novartis Consumer Health (Animal Health)
• Affiliate: Novartis Consumer Health (OTC)
• Affiliate: Novartis Corporation US
• Affiliate: Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.
• Affiliate: Novartis Pharma AG
• Affiliate: Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics
• Affiliate: Sandoz

203) Member: NRG Energy Inc.
• Affiliate: Arthur Kill Power LLC
• Affiliate: Connecticut Jet Power LLC
• Affiliate: Middletown Power LLC
• Affiliate: Montville Power LLC
• Affiliate: Norwalk Power LLC
• Affiliate: NRG El Segundo Operations Inc.
• Affiliate: NRG Energy Services, LLC
• Affiliate: NRG Texas LP
• Affiliate: Oswego Harbor Power LLC
• Affiliate: Somerset Power LLC
• Affiliate: West Coast Power LLC

204) Member: NuStar Logistics, L.P.

205) Member: NXP Semiconductors N.V.
• Affiliate: NXP USA, Inc.

O - Go back to the Top

206) Member: Occidental Petroleum Corporation
• Affiliate: Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc.
• Affiliate: Occidental Chemical Corporation
• Affiliate: Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation

207) Member: Omaha Public Power District

208) Member: ON Semiconductor Corporation

209) Member: Oncor Electric Delivery Company, LLC

210) Member: OXEA Corporation

P - Go back to the Top

211) Member: PaintCare Inc.
• Affiliate: PaintCare Connecticut LLC
• Affiliate: PaintCare Maine LLC
• Affiliate: PaintCare Oregon LLC
• Affiliate: PaintCare Rhode Island LLC

212) Member: Pasadena Refining System, Inc.

213) Member: PBF Energy Company LLC
• Affiliate: Chalmette Refining, LLC
• Affiliate: Delaware City Refining Company, LLC
• Affiliate: Paulsboro Refining Company, LLC
• Affiliate: Toledo Refining Company LLC

214) Member: Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P.
• Affiliate: Penske Logistics LLC

215) Member: PepsiCo, Inc.
• Affiliate: Bottling Group, LLC

216) Member: Pfizer Inc.
• Affiliate: Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
• Affiliate: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals LLC

217) Member: PG&E Corporation
• Affiliate: Pacific Gas & Electric Company

218) Member: Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining and Marketing LLC

219) Member: Phillips 66 Company

220) Member: Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
• Affiliate: APS
• Affiliate: Pinnacle West Energy

221) Member: Pitney Bowes Inc.

222) Member: Pittsburgh Glass Works, LLC

223) Member: PolyOne Corporation

224) Member: Confidential Port Landlord

225) Member: Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
• Affiliate: PCS Administration (USA), Inc.

226) Member: PPG Industries, Inc.
• Affiliate: PPG Coatings (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.
• Affiliate: PPG Industrial do Brasil Tintas e Vernizes Ltda
• Affiliate: PPG Industries UK Ltd.

227) Member: PPL Corporation
• Affiliate: PPL Electric Utilities
• Affiliate: PPL Services Corporation

228) Member: Name Withheld - Manufacturer and Distributor of Consumer Products and Chemicals
• Affiliates: This member has 3 affiliates that are also anonymous.

229) Member: Puget Sound Energy

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230) Member: R. T. Vanderbilt Holding Co., Inc.
• Affiliate: Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC
• Affiliate: Vanderbilt Global Services, LLC
• Affiliate: Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC

231) Member: Raytheon Company
• Affiliate: Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC

232) Member: Rio Tinto plc
• Affiliate: Diavik Diamond Mines Inc
• Affiliate: Kennecott Utah Copper
• Affiliate: Resolution Copper Company
• Affiliate: Rio Tinto Coal Australia
• Affiliate: Rio Tinto Iron Ore
• Affiliate: Rio Tinto Legacy Management
• Affiliate: Rio Tinto Minerals, Inc.
• Affiliate: U.S. Borax Inc.

233) Member: Name Withheld - Rust-Oleum Corporation

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234) Member: SABIC Innovative Plastics Holding BV
• Affiliate: SABIC Innovative Plastics BV
• Affiliate: SABIC Innovative Plastics Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
• Affiliate: SABIC Innovative Plastics US LLC

235) Member: Salt River Project

236) Member: Sanofi Pasteur Inc.

237) Member: Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc.
• Affiliate: Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
• Affiliate: Genzyme Corporation
• Affiliate: Merial Select, Inc.
• Affiliate: Sanofi-Synthelabo Research, a Division of Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc.

238) Member: SCANA Corporation
• Affiliate: Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc.
• Affiliate: Dominion Energy Southeast Services, Inc.
• Affiliate: Public Service Company of North Carolina, Inc. dba Dominion Energy North Carolina, Inc.

239) Member: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

240) Member: The Scotts Company LLC

241) Member: Seagate Technology LLC
• Affiliate: Seagate US, LLC

242) Member: Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

243) Member: Name Withheld - Forbes® 500 Energy/Utility Company
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

244) Member: Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.

245) Member: The Sherwin-Williams Company
• Affiliate: The Valspar (UK) Corporation, Limited
• Affiliate: The Valspar Corporation Ltd. (Brazil)
• Affiliate: Valspar (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.

246) Member: Name Withheld - Manufacturer of Plastics Material and Resin
• Affiliates: This member has 2 affiliates that are also anonymous.

247) Member: Southern California Edison

248) Member: Southern Company
• Affiliate: Alabama Power Company
• Affiliate: Georgia Power Company
• Affiliate: Southern Nuclear Operating Company
• Affiliate: Southern Power Company

249) Member: Name Withheld - Non-Profit Applied Research and Development Organization

250) Member: Stanford University
• Affiliate: Stanford Health Care

251) Member: Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
• Affiliate: Kwikset Corporation
• Affiliate: Stanley Black & Decker Corporation

252) Member: Stepan Company

253) Member: Sunoco LP
• Affiliate: Evergreen Resources Group, LLC
• Affiliate: Sunoco, Inc. (R&M)

254) Member: Syngenta AG
• Affiliate: GB Biosciences Corporation
• Affiliate: OOO Syngenta
• Affiliate: Syngenta Agro S.A. (Argentina)
• Affiliate: Syngenta Agro S.A.S. (Guyancourt, France)
• Affiliate: Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
• Affiliate: Syngenta Australia Pty Ltd
• Affiliate: Syngenta Crop Protection AG
• Affiliate: Syngenta Crop Protection Monthey SA
• Affiliate: Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC
• Affiliate: Syngenta Espana, S.A.
• Affiliate: Syngenta Hellas S.A.
• Affiliate: Syngenta International AG
• Affiliate: Syngenta Kft.
• Affiliate: Syngenta Production France S.A.S. (Aigues-Vives Usine)
• Affiliate: Syngenta Production France S.A.S. (St. Pierre)
• Affiliate: Syngenta Protecao de Cultivos Ltda.
• Affiliate: Syngenta S.A. (Panama)
• Affiliate: Syngenta Seeds S.A.S. (Nerac, France)
• Affiliate: Syngenta Seeds S.A.S. (Sarrians, France)
• Affiliate: Syngenta Semenses S.A. (Morocco)
• Affiliate: Syngenta Tarim San. Ve Tic. A.S.
• Affiliate: Syngenta, Limited Liability Company (Ukraine)

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255) Member: Tampa Electric Company
• Affiliate: Peoples Gas

256) Member: Tenaska, Inc.
• Affiliate: Tenaska Operations, Inc.

257) Member: Confidential Power Utility

258) Member: Teradyne Inc.

259) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Technology Company and Independent Automaker

260) Member: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
• Affiliate: Barr Laboratories Canada, Inc.
• Affiliate: Barr Laboratories Inc.
• Affiliate: Barr Pharmaceuticals LLC
• Affiliate: IVAX Corporation
• Affiliate: IVAX Pharmaceuticals Canada, Inc.
• Affiliate: IVAX Pharmaceuticals Inc.
• Affiliate: Plantex USA Inc.
• Affiliate: Sicor Inc.
• Affiliate: Teva Animal Health, Inc.
• Affiliate: Teva Biopharmaceuticals USA
• Affiliate: Teva Canada Innovation G.P. - S.E.N.C.
• Affiliate: Teva Canada Limited / Teva Canada Limitee
• Affiliate: Teva Global Respiratory Research LLC
• Affiliate: Teva Neuroscience Inc.
• Affiliate: Teva Parenteral Medicines Inc.
• Affiliate: Teva Pharmaceuticals USA
• Affiliate: Teva Respiratory LLC
• Affiliate: Teva Womens Health Inc.
• Affiliate: Teva Womens Health Research Inc.
• Affiliate: Tevapharm Canada Inc.

261) Member: Texas A&M University System
• Affiliate: Texas A&M University

262) Member: Texas Instruments Inc.

263) Member: Toppan Photomasks, Inc.
• Affiliate: Toppan Photomasks Company Ltd. Shanghai
• Affiliate: Toppan Photomasks Korea Ltd.

264) Member: Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc.

265) Member: Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

266) Member: TPC Group Inc.

267) Member: TransCanada Pipelines Limited
• Affiliate: TransCanada USA Services Inc.

268) Member: TransMontaigne Product Services Inc.

269) Member: Trinseo LLC
• Affiliate: Americas Styrenics LLC

270) Member: TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
• Affiliate: TriQuint Semiconductor Florida

271) Member: TRW Automotive, Inc.
• Affiliate: Kelsey Hayes Company
• Affiliate: TRW Automotive U.S. LLC
• Affiliate: TRW Vehicle Safety Systems Inc.

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272) Member: UL LLC

273) Member: Union Pacific Railroad Company, Inc.

274) Member: United Technologies Corporation
• Affiliate: Carrier Corporation
• Affiliate: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation
• Affiliate: Pratt & Whitney

275) Member: Name Withheld - Major State-Affiliated University System
• Affiliates: This member has 11 affiliates that are also anonymous.

276) Member: University of Pennsylvania

277) Member: University of Texas System
• Affiliate: UT Campus Representative
• Affiliate: UT Austin Campus Representative 1
• Affiliate: UT Medical Branch Campus - Galveston
• Affiliate: UT Austin Campus Representative 2
• Affiliate: UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Campus Representative
• Affiliate: UT Campus Representative
• Affiliate: UT Campus Representative
• Affiliate: UT System Representative
• Affiliate: UT Arlington Campus Representative
• Affiliate: UT Campus Representative

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278) Member: Valero Refining & Marketing Company

279) Member: Valvoline LLC

280) Member: Venator Materials PLC

281) Member: Verizon Services Group (Telesector Resources Group, Inc.)

282) Member: Versum Materials Inc.

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283) Member: W.R. Grace & Co. - Conn.

284) Member: Name Withheld - Fortune® 100 Retailer

285) Member: Weatherford International Inc.

286) Member: Westlake Chemical Corporation
• Affiliate: Axiall Corporation
• Affiliate: Axiall LLC
• Affiliate: Eagle Natrium LLC
• Affiliate: Eagle US 2 LLC
• Affiliate: Westlake Longview Corporation

287) Member: WICOR Americas Inc.
• Affiliate: Weidmann Electrical Technology Inc.

288) Member: Name Withheld - Confidential Energy Company
• Affiliates: This member has 1 affiliate that is also anonymous.

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289) Member: Xcel Energy Services, Inc.

290) Member: Xerox Corporation

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291) Member: Yale University

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292) Member: Zoetis Inc.
• Affiliate: Embrex Inc.
• Affiliate: Embrex Poultry Health, LLC
• Affiliate: Synbiotics Corporation
• Affiliate: Zoetis Australia Research & Manufacturing Pty Ltd.
• Affiliate: Zoetis Biotech Manufacturing Limited
• Affiliate: Zoetis India Limited
• Affiliate: Zoetis LLC
• Affiliate: Zoetis New Zealand Limited
• Affiliate: Zoetis P&U LLC
• Affiliate: Zoetis Pharmaceutical Research Private Limited
• Affiliate: Zoetis Products LLC
• Affiliate: Zoetis Suzhou Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
• Affiliate: Zoetis WHC2 LLC