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NewaltaBrooks, AB, Canada|2015|

Terrapure (Newalta Corporation)Calgary, AB, Canada|2019| |2015|

Newalta CorporationDrumheller, AB, Canada|2015|

Newalta CorporationEckville, AB, Canada|2015|

Terrapure (Newalta)Edmonton, AB, Canada|2019|

NewaltaElk Point, AB, Canada|2017|

Clean Harbors (Newalta; Laidlaw)Ryley, AB, Canada|2019| |2017| |2014| |2010| |2005|

Newalta CorporationStauffer, AB, Canada|2015|

Newalta CorporationStettler, AB, Canada|2015|

Newalta CorporationTaber, AB, Canada|2015|

NRC Alaska (Emerald Alaska, Viking Facility)Anchorage, AK, USA|2019| |2015| |2012| |2005|

NRC Alaska (Emerald Alaska)Kenai, AK, USA|2017|

NRC Alaska (Emerald Services; Springer Facility)Palmer, AK, USA|2005|

North Slope Borough Oxbow Municipal Solid Waste LFPrudhoe Bay, AK, USA|2016| |2012|

Cleanaway (Nationwide Oil)Bentley, Western Australia, Australia|2019|

Cleanaway Narangba Waste Oil Facility (Nationwide Oil; Transpacific Industries)Narangba, Queensland, Australia|2019| |2008|

Newalta Corporation (Fort St. John Facility)Baldonnel, BC, Canada|2013|

Terrapure Environmental (Newalta Corporation; West Stoddart Facility)Buick, BC, Canada|2013|

Newalta (Prince George Service Centre)Prince George, BC, Canada|2013|

Norquima Produtos Quimicos Ltda.Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil|2018|

Sims Recycling Solutions (Noranda Recycling, Micro Metallics)Roseville, CA, USA|2018| |2014| |2010| |2000|

Sims Metal Management (Noranda Recycling; Falconbridge; Micro Metallics Corporation)San Jose, CA, USA|2005| |2003| |2000|

Recology Hay Road Landfill (Norcal Waste System Hay Road LF; B&J Sanitary LF)Vacaville, CA, USA|2018| |2012|

Nanjing Jinze Metallic Materials Co. Ltd. (The Fortune Group)Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China|2006|

Northeast Lamp Recycling (NLR)East Windsor, CT, USA|2018| |2017| |2012|

Fortum Waste Solution AS (Nyborg Denmark AS; NORD; Kommunekemi A/S)Nyborg, Syddanmark, Denmark|2018| |2014|

Nexeo Solutions (Ashland Distribution Center)Savannah, GA, USA|2008|

Nickelhutte Aue GmbHAue, Sachsen, Germany|2017| |2011| |2004|

National Container Group (NCG; National Container Services)Chicago, IL, USA|2017|

National Maintenance and Repair, Inc. (Gas Free Plant; McGinnis - National Maintenance)Hartford, IL, USA|2006|

PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk (Narogong Cement Plant)Bogor, West Java, Indonesia|2015| |2012| |2007|

N.R. Hamm LandfillLawrence, KS, USA|2013|

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services; Intracoastal City Transfer Station)Abbeville, LA, USA|2002|

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services)Cameron, LA, USA|2018|

IESI Sabine Parish Landfill (Natchitoches Landfill)Many, LA, USA|2007|

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services)Morgan City, LA, USA|2012| |2002|

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services; Port Fourchon #1 & #2)Port Fourchon, LA, USA|2014| |2010| |2008| |2002|

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services)Venice, LA, USA|2015| |2013| |2011| |2002|

NewStream LLCAttleboro, MA, USA|2012|

Northern A-1 ServicesKalkaska, MI, USA|2016| |2013|

Mauser Packaging Solutions (National Container Group)Charlotte, NC, USA|2019|

Nexeo Solutions (Ashland Distribution Company)Charlotte, NC, USA|2009| |2003|

Noble Oil ServicesSanford, NC, USA|2011| |2007| |2004| |2001|

Newalta (Johnsons Corner Facility)Watford City, ND, USA|2014|

Newtech Recycling, Inc.Somerset, NJ, USA|2018| |2013| |2008|

RENOR AS Avd Cement Kiln (NORCEM; HeidelbergCement AG)Brevik, Telemark, Norway|2006|

Nexeo Solutions (Ashland Distribution Company)Binghamton, NY, USA|2009|

New York Recycling LLC (Bronx County Recycling; NY Recycling)Bronx, NY, USA|2019| |2017|

Norlite LLC (United Industrial Service; ThermalKem)Cohoes, NY, USA|2019| |2018| |2017| |2016| |2014| |2013| |2012| |2010| |2008| |2005| |2003| |2001| |1998| |1995|

Stericycle Inc. (New York Environmental Services; Health Care Environmental; NYES)Oneonta, NY, USA|2017| |2004|

NOCO Energy CorporationTonawanda, NY, USA|2006|

Norit Americas, Inc.Pryor, OK, USA|2005|

Nicrometal (Kompania recyklingowa)Torun, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland|2010|

Noranda Recycling, Inc. (Micro Metallics Corporation)East Providence, RI, USA|2003|

Stericycle Environmental Solutions (Northland Environmental; PSC; Philips Services)Providence, RI, USA|2016|

NPO TechenergokhimpromOrekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow, Russia|2010|

NSL OilChem Services Pte. Ltd.Singapore, Singapore|2019| |2016| |2014|

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Nashville Transfer Facility)Nashville, TN, USA|2018| |2012|

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services; Andrews Station; Permian Basin LP; Grimmett Brothers Lease)Andrews, TX, USA|2014| |2010|

Lotus LLC (Norm Disposal Site)Andrews, TX, USA|2018| |2015| |2011|

Ecoserv (Newpark Permian Basin)Big Spring, TX, USA|2015|

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services; Fannett Facility)Hamshire, TX, USA|2012| |2009| |2006| |2002| |1999|

National Container Group LLC (NCG)Houston, TX, USA|2016|

NSSI/Recovery Services, Inc. (Nuclear Sources and Services, Inc.)Houston, TX, USA|2019| |2018| |2017| |2015| |2013| |2012| |2010| |2008| |2006| |2005| |2004| |2003| |2000|

Nix Electric Co., Inc. (NECO)Lubbock, TX, USA|2009|

Nickco RecyclingPittsburg, TX, USA|2005|

EcoServ (Newpark Environmental Services; Port Arthur Processing Facility & Satellite Facility)Port Arthur, TX, USA|2015| |2013| |2011| |2008| |2002| |1999|

EcoServ (Newpark Industrial Disposal; Big Hill Non-Hazardous Industrial Disposal Site)Winnie, TX, USA|2016| |2013| |2007|

EcoServ Environmental Services (Newpark Environmental Services; Big Hill Norm Site)Winnie, TX, USA|2017| |2013| |2010| |2009| |2006| |2002| |1999|

Northburn Industrial Services LtdAberdeen, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom (Scotland)|2013|

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