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Suzhou Heshun Solid Waste Disposal Co., Ltd.
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CHWMEG Report Number: H807.0

City, State/Prov, Country:Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

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Description of Services:Liquid wastes treated onsite include waste acid, waste alkali, waste machining oils and waste emulsions. Treated water is collected in an ellipsoidal tank that is on bare soil; the water is transferred to Dongfang wastewater treatment plant for further treatment. Sludge is incinerated onsite. Currently, Heshun treats about 80 tons of liquid waste per day on an as-needed basis.

Liquid wastes are pumped into the liquid waste storage tank for equalization prior to treatment. The treatment process includes chemical addition, neutralization, treatment in the Fenton reactor, biochemical treatment, sedimentation and activated carbon adsorption. Waste emulsions are pumped into an emulsion storage tank and then treated using a chemical emulsion-breaker followed by flotation. The remainder of the process is the same as is used for other liquid wastes.

The site incinerates solid wastes including waste paint residue, oily rag and gloves, waste resin. There are two identical incinerator trains onsite; one is operational and the second serves as a backup. Wastes are fed into the pyrolysis chamber, and then conveyed into the primary combustion chamber, where diesel fuel is added to fire the chamber. The waste materials are burned in the primary chamber at 800șC. Materials not destroyed in the primary chamber are transferred into the secondary incineration chamber and remain for 2 seconds at 1100șC.

Description Date:2007 Facility Review Program

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