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HOLCIM Belgique S.A.
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CHWMEG Report Number: H801.0

City, State/Prov, Country:Obourg, Wallonia, Belgium

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Description of Services:The alternative fuels and a portion of the alternative raw materials used at Holcim Obourg are pretreated and/or managed by Geocycle, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holcim Ltd. located in Seneffe (about 15 miles east of the Obourg facility). Geocycle processes waste water and performs fuel blending of waste solvents. These liquids are analyzed, grouped together and standardized to meet the conditions of the cement manufacturing process. Sludges and pastes are crushed and mixed with sawdust or shredded insulation foam to become alternative fuel (“impregnated sawdust”) using an automated process. After 10mm screening, the impregnated sawdust product is stored and analyzed before being sent to the cement kiln. Holcim Obourg can accept alternative fuels and raw materials (primarily suitable hydrocarbon wastes and metal oxides) directly from generators, without pretreatment at Geocycle; however, Geocycle manages all waste shipments, including those that are sent directly to the kiln by generators, while some alternative raw materials, such as fly ash, are managed by Holcim Obourg itself.

Materials accepted at Holcim Obourg include solvents, wastewater treatment sludge, and "sawdust" impregnated with hydrocarbons (oil, varnish, tar, ink, activated carbon, paint, etc.) from Geocycle. The "sawdust" used to absorb BTU-containing liquid wastes can come from wood recycling factories or can be shredded foam from refrigerator recycling. These materials are temporarily stored onsite and used as alternative fuel. Alternative raw materials containing silica, alumina, iron, lime, and calcium sulfate are temporarily stored onsite and used as alternative raw materials, ending up as desired cement ingredients. Filter cake is temporarily stored onsite and used as alternative fuel or as raw material, depending on composition.

The separate Geocycle facility was not within the scope of this review.

Description Date:2007 Facility Review Program

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