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WM Milam RDF
(No known alias)
CHWMEG Report Number: H722.2

City, State/Prov, Country:East Saint Louis, Illinois, USA

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Review Program
(Visit Date):
2018 (5/2/2018)
There are 2 more reviews conducted prior to 2013 not shown.

Description of Services:The landfill accepts general nonhazardous municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris (CDD), asbestos waste, non-hazardous permitted special waste, and non-hazardous permitted liquid waste for solidification.

The facility receives non-hazardous solid waste from a variety of sources which are brought to the facility by third-party haulers. Solid wastes are delivered by waste collection vehicles such as dump trucks, garbage trucks, roll off trucks, tank trucks, vacuum trucks, and private vehicles. Liquid material is received in bulk liquid containers.

The waste enters the landfill at the scales and scale house; it is weighed and then routed directly to the landfill disposal area or solidification area. The trucks dump their load on the face, and then weigh out before leaving the site. Local citizens can dump into rolloff trailers located near the scale house. When the rolloff containers are full, a rolloff truck picks up the load, weighs in at the scale house, and dumps the load on the face.

Asbestos loads are taken directly to the asbestos staging area on the north side of the property after being weighed in at the scale house. A Waste Management truck picks up the trailer from the staging area and delivers the load to the asbestos monofill. Asbestos loads are double-bagged and non-compacted.

Description Date:2012 Facility Review Program

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