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Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
(No known alias)
CHWMEG Report Number: H691.0

City, State/Prov, Country:Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

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Description of Services:The facility performs three basic functions, emptying and refilling of drums of solvent, bulking of used oil and oily water streams, and transfer of drummed waste. All material is transferred offsite to other waste management facilities with essentially no treatment onsite. Drummed material is stored in the warehouse and transferred to Safety-Kleen in Denton, TX without being opened at this site. Drummed material can consist of contaminated soil, batteries, paint waste, used oil filters, rags, debris, and many other streams.

Incoming drums of used solvent are emptied into one of two dumpsters at the return and fill unit. The used solvent passes through a fine mesh screen which collects solids. The used solvent is pumped into the dirty solvent tank from which it is shipped in tank trucks to Safety-Kleen in Denton, TX. As part of the Continued Use Program, empty solvent drums are washed with used solvent to clean them before they are refilled with fresh solvent. Fresh 105 solvent is delivered to this site in tank trucks. Virgin 150 solvent comes to the site in 350-gallon totes.

Description Date:2006 Facility Review Program

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