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Usher Oil Service
(No known alias)
CHWMEG Report Number: H406.1

City, State/Prov, Country:Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Description of Services:The Facility accepts used oil, oily water, organic wastewater, recycled petroleum product (RPP), and oil filters (for trans-shipment).
  • Wastewater with no recoverable oil is sent directly to the primary water treatment tanks. After pH adjustment, this water is sent to the wastewater treatment plant for further treatment prior to being discharged to the POTW
  • Wastewaters with recoverable oil (1% to 50%) are sent to the primary oil treatment tank. Sulfuric acid, cationic and anionic polymers, and heat are used in this tank to separate the incoming waste water into oil, water, and solid fractions. The oil goes to Tanks A, B, or C for further onsite treatment (see next bullet). The water goes to waster treatment (see above), and the solids/sludge is collected in a roll-off for offsite stabilization and landfilling.
  • Incoming waste with high oil content (greater than 50%) is sent to Tanks A, B, or C, the oil treatment tanks. Here combinations of sulfuric acid, caustic, polymers, and heating to 160 F separate the waste into oil, water, and solids fractions. The water goes to treatment, and the solids are collected in a roll-off container for offsite shipment for stabilization and landfilling. Depending upon quality, the oil goes to either the on-spec or off-spec oil storage tanks where some additional heating and mixing occurs.
  • Recycled Petroleum Product (RPP) is collected in a tank and allowed to phase separate between the water and fuel (essentially gasoline). The water is collected off and treated in the wastewater treatment process and the fuel is sent off-site for re-refining

Description Date:2011 Facility Review Program

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