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Rehab Recycle
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City, State/Prov, Country:Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

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Description of Services:The facility brings in WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). There are various types of WEEE handled onsite, but they fall into two general categories based on how they are used: business to consumer or B2C and business to business, or B2B.

B2C white goods. Refrigerators can come in either with or without freon. The units are bulked up into 40' long trailers and shipped offsite to Shore, England. They degas the units there and ship them on to a smelter. Washing machines can be partly disassembled onsite. The core of the machine (the part that spins) is removed and sent to Ireland, where it is shredded and sent offsite to a smelter in Ireland. The washing machine motor is removed from the units and shipped to a company in Ireland for reuse.

B2B electronic scrap. Computers, or CPU’s, are disassembled onsite. They are broken down into components including hard drives, printed circuit boards, chips, cables, plastic, steel, etc. The components are recycled offsite. The hard drives can be either degaussed, shredded, drilled, or wiped clean with a BLANCCO software program at the facility. The scrap plastic from the CPU’s is graded, segregated by color, and shredded onsite. The shredded plastic is then shipped offsite for recycling. Batteries removed from the CPU's are sent to one of two approved facilities for disassemble

CPU's account for 55% of the B2B WEEE onsite and monitors account for about 35%. Printers and fax machines account for the remaining 10%. The printers and fax machines are transferred offsite only to approved and licensed facilities. All of the B2B WEEE is handled indoors at this site.

In addition to the disassembly described above, the facility provides asset recovery services. The units are tested for reuse at receipt and then upgraded, repaired, and/or rebuilt as necessary. The units are then donated to schools or sold on E-bay, depending on what the generator stipulates. All tags and distinguishable labels are removed before the units go offsite. Before being used for asset recovery, the hard drives of the units to be rebuilt are cleansed with BLANCCO, a three time erasure of data. The first and foremost criterion in the asset management is aesthetics. About 10% of the incoming B2B WEEE is asset managed onsite.

In addition to the above, the facility transfers toner cartridges to the Rehab Recycle facility in Kilkenny, Ireland. There the toner is removed and shipped for incineration. The plastic cartridges are recycled in Ireland. Cell phones are transferred to the Rehab Recycle facility in Kilkenny as well. The data are cleansed and the phones are sold to a re-use company.

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