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Exide Technologies
(No known alias)
CHWMEG Report Number: H103.6

City, State/Prov, Country:Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

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Description of Services:The incoming batteries arrive at the facility mostly on shrink-wrapped pallets. The batteries are first broken and the polypropylene casing material, acid, and lead components are separated. The polypropylene is recycled onsite. It is rinsed, shredded, and extruded into pellets, which are transported to the Exide manufacturing plant in Lampeter, PA for molding into new Exide battery cases.

The acid is treated in the onsite wastewater treatment plant and discharged. Treatment of the spent acid consists of pH adjustment and floc addition, precipitation of the metals, and discharge to local surface water under conditions specified in the facility’s NPDES permit. There are final settling basins used to store the treated wastewater prior to discharge. The precipitated metal sludges are thickened and filtered at the wastewater treatment plant. The filter cake is characterized and sent offsite in end dumps for further treatment and/or disposal as appropriate.

The lead bearing materials from the battery breaker are stockpiled indoors for short periods of time, blended with other lead-bearing wastes in batches, and then fed into one of the two reverberatory furnaces onsite. The soft lead from the reverberatory furnace is refined onsite, put in castings, and cooled.

The slag from the reverberatory furnace, along with drosses from the soft lead refinery kettles, is fed to the blast furnace. The hard lead product from the blast furnace is refined, put in castings. The drosses from the refining are recycled to the blast furnace. The blast furnace slag is crushed and pulverized in the furnace building. The slag is then trucked offsite where it is stabilized and disposed.

Description Date:2011 Facility Review Program

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