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US Liquids of LA Mermentau Processing Facility
(a.k.a./f.k.a.: ERP Environmental Services, Inc.; Campbell Wells)
CHWMEG Report Number: H209.2

City, State/Prov, Country:Jennings, Louisiana, USA

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Description of Services:This facility accepts only RCRA-exempt oil and gas wastes. These wastes include produced water, water base drilling fluids, oil base drilling fluids, cuttings, well work-over and completion fluids, and production waste. Water base drilling muds and cuttings comprise almost one-third of the incoming wastes. Fresh water/rainwater is the next largest waste stream at about 19% of the total incoming waste volume. With saltwater accounting for 16% and wash-out water accounting for 14%, these four waste streams make up over 80% of the incoming waste volume. Vacuum trucks deliver most of the liquid wastes, and dump trucks bring in most of the sludges and solids. Less than one percent of the wastes arrive at this site by barge.

Incoming produced water and all completion fluids are offloaded into the saltwater tanks. These waste streams are not applied to the treatment cells. Other incoming wastes are offloaded directly into one of the land treatment cells. Wastes come to the site with a large volume of water. The first phase of treatment is to decant the water from the cells. This water is sent to the retention pond and then to the injection well system. Additional water, as well as rainwater, is used in the treatment phase to mix with the waste solids to remove the soluble salts. A track hoe moves solids around in the treatment cells and mixes the waste solids with water to assist with the removal of soluble salts. These fluids are also removed and eventually pumped to the injection well system via the retention pond. Oil is skimmed from the cells as necessary to meet permit conditions.

Description Date:2008 Facility Review Program

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